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Impressions of DIVERSEartLA
Artwalk 2023: Joshua Elias Studio
Portrait of Sunook Park
Cinematic Tokyo Revisited
Work in Progress
Altadena Storefront / 7:57 PM, November 19, 2022
Marlow's California Remembered
Visiting Joshua Elias Studio
Altadena Storefront / 8:02 pm, October 06, 2022.
Un-neutered Male on the Prowl
forty-seven noir / 11 / Russian Style
forty-seven noir
Trees and the Homes They Shade: 4
Spring in Winter
Trees and the Homes They Shade: 3
Greetings from the dark streets of Altadena
Assemblage: Dagger in a Jar
Altadena Storefront / 8:15 pm, September 24, 2021.
Portrait of the artist Guillermo Bert.
A Shrine for Homer
Altadena Nights: 001 & 002
Zahi: Renaissance Portrait
Bust of Queen Nefertiti / Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
Zahi: Looking Forward with Trepidation!
Window Display Chair with Mannequin
Just Before Dawn / The 26th of October Bridge
Car 962: New Orleans Late Morning
Mirissa and Chris / Outside of Cairo, Egypt
Portraits of Katy Crowe & Doug Henry in their studio
Looking Down at a Starry Sky
A Traveler's View of INDIA
looking back down time
A Traveler's View of Hong Kong / Macau
An Illustration for an Untold Story
Queen Nefertari’s Tomb in the Valley of the Queens
Forward Into the Unknown
Waiting on Man Ray
Rough Afternoon on the Train
Villa Staircase, Zamalek Island, Cairo, Egypt
Accouterment Series: 001
Angela Carole Brown aka The Fabulous Miss Thing
Mirissa Glass
A Traveler's View of the Theban Necropolis: part 1
Artist Portrait: Teale Hathaway
Portrait of Monique Safford
Temple Dog, Angkor Wat Temple Complex, Cambodia
Emerald Threshold, Angkor Wat Temple Complex, Cambodia
Portrait of Dorian Green
A Few Southern Californians and Their Rides.
Portrait of Sara Strum
A Black and White Dog That Goes by the Name of Zahi
Portrait of Deirdre Becket
Mermorial for the artist Paul (Paulo) Knotter 1952-2019
Dark Seraph
Altadena Sheriff's Station Car Show: 2019
Artist peruses visitors as they peruse his new work.
Portrait of Teale Hatheway and her studio: 2019
Pasadena's Old Town Looking Like a Walking Dead Set.
Artist Studio: James Payne
Portrait of Fred Hoerr and his studio: 2019
Wini Brewer in Her Home Studio.
Milan Cathedral Duomo
Abstracts: My Tiny Studio
Portrait of Ron Linden and his Studio: 2019
Artist Studio/Joshua Elias
Trees and the Homes They Shade: 2
In Memoriam: Kahlo, Stalwart Companion
Trees and the Homes They Shade
Kahlo in Clover
Windows, Doors, and Bricks.
Hiding From the Sun
Orchestre Surreal: March 7, 2018
Old Town Pasadena: Storefronts, Windows, and Doors.
29 Palms / Joshua Tree / Whitewater
Cactus Flower: A Sunday Morning Surprise
Ed & Kahlo
California Golden and Her Thorny Companions
Waiting for the Supplicant.
Unexpected Visitors
Ode to a Belkin Powerstrip
Hues, Tones, and Tints.
Walker's Cafe: Point Fermin
The Latent Substratum of Sleep
A glimpse of my garden after the rain.
Assertive Flora
Gray's Creeping Rose
clues of an erroneous existence
Camel Market North of Cairo
Fall: a backyard perspective
mnemonic of a "maneki-neko" (a beckoning cat)
Hanoi Silk Weaving.
Ron Linden in His Studio.
Surveying His Kingdom as Fall Arrives.
Late Bloomers Insitu
Shrines and Other Acts of Devotion
Dark Lilies
The Walk Home After
Under Pasadena Palms
evening lament
Ephemeral Encounters
Transitory Moments of Trepidation
A Traveler's View of Cairo
Residents of Cairo and Cairo Adjacent
A Few Treasures from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt.
Magic Writing
A Traveler's View of the Necropolis of Giza
A Traveler's View of the Necropolis at Saqqara
Architectural Details Along the Suez Canal
A Traveler's View of the Theban Necropolis: part 2
A Traveler's View of Bali
A Traveler's View of Cambodia
The Floating City of Chong Khneas
Dark Lotus
A Dark Dream Found
Just Passing the Time in the Pink City.
Malik Sweet House
Taj and Chris
Young Courting Couple and Itmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb.
An Abundant Life
An Abundant Life: 2
A Traveler's View of Vietnam
Caged Bird, Hanoi.
A Traveler's View of TOKYO
Akihabara "Electric City" Underpass and a few others.
And A Few Others: Part 2
And A Few Others: Part 3
Office Lady in Search of a Late Night Repast.
Heebie-jeebies Blush
A Humid Afternoon Slides Into Evening
A Traveler's View of Istanbul
A Traveler's View of the Navaho Nation
A Traveler's View of Kauai
Relishing Sunday Morning
Kari Looks Out From the Haze of Memory.
Reflections on Transit
29 Palms Inn, 29 Palms, California.
View from My Gate: Charles de Gaulle Airport
Los Angeles City Hall
Ramesses Gazes Up.
Exposed Elevator Shaft, Windsor Hotel, Cairo, Egypt.
Los Angeles City Hall South Entrance
Pasadena, California: Architectural Details
Black and White Days
Morning Walk.
Morning Walk 2: Wild Iris
Morning Walk 3: A Troop of Mushrooms
Calla Lilies: Near the End.
Portrait of Wayne "The Chashu Hammer" Saito
Pacific Surfliner
Bus Ride from Narita to Shinjuku
The Orchestre Surreal
Striving Colonies.
Life in the Shadows.
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